We find women with long hairs more attractive – Nigerian men

The kind of hair that a woman wears is a decider in the kind of man she attracts.

Some men in Lagos on Friday disclosed to the News Agency of Nigeria what types of hair they like and the reason they preferred it.

Mr Uche Emmanuel, 41, told NAN that he is attracted to a lady with long hair. He, however, added that he preferred the natural hair.

“It could be wavy, straight or curly; it doesn’t matter, as far as it’s long.

Long hairs – Choice of Nigerian men

“I prefer it natural because I can run my fingers through it; I tell my wife to leave her hair loose,” he said.

He, however, noted that the natural, kinky hair also looked good on some women.

Another man, Mr Vincent Eyo, a businessman, said he liked women with long hair but not artificial ones such as weaves and wigs.

“Just imagine that you see your woman wearing a style today in black, you may be shocked to see her tomorrow wearing a different style with a different colour.

“I find it very irritating. Why can’t women be real? They don’t always have to do something because others are doing it,” he said.

Also, Anthony Ekeze, 34, a banker said though he liked women with long hair, he preferred them in plaits or braids.

Chances are high that Nigerian men will go for women like this

Ekeze urged women not to get carried away with fashion trends or try to look like someone else but to ensure that whatever hairstyle they decide on was what suits them.

He said, “I like styles like ‘Ghana Weaving’ (a type of hairstyle, plaited like cornrows, made with attachments). But I believe everyone needs to know what fits them.

“Many women want to do what others are doing, without knowing how they will look like with it.”

Ikechukwu Ibegbuna, 35, a software engineer, however, said he preferred women with short curly hair.

“I’m comfortable with anything that looks good on a woman but short, curly hair does it for me.

“I find women who wear the natural, afro look quite attractive,” he said.


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