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Six vessels to discharge 425,000 tonnes of LNG at Onne Port

No fewer than 19 vessels are expected to berth at the Onne port between January 18 and 30, 2019. Out of the 19 vessels, six are laden with 425,000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The names of the LNG vessels, according to the shipping position issued by the port, are LNG Galea, LNG Maria Energy, LNG Oyo, LNG River Niger, LNG Finima II, and LNG Rivers. The shipping agents that would service them are Fountain, GACship and Intership.

The port would also receive two vessels that are laden with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and automotive gas oil (AGO). LPG Navigator Capricon vessel, which would be serviced by Fountain, would come in with 13,000 tonne of LPG while MT Seaforce would ship into the port 10,000 tonne of AGO. It would be serviced by Tiger Shipping.

Other vessels would come in with the following cargo bulk urea, pro butane, pipes, containers, oilwell/container and general cargo. The shipping agents for the container and general cargo vessels are Maersk Line and PILL.

The shipping agents for the vessels laden with bulk urea, pro butane, pipe and oilwell are Vicven, Bluesea, MFN and Interserve.

Only one vessel, MV Bourbon Liberty 152, is inballast. Gromzia Shipping is the agent for MV Bourbon Liberty.

The port in the last 48 hours has received a total of 12 vessels. The vessels are laden with general cargo and drilling equipment.

The vessels with the drilling equipment are being serviced by Intels while PIL and Interserve manage the general cargo vessels. The three inballant ships are managed by Intership, Fountain and Grozia.

Source: Independent

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