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Akume should be jailed for stealing N2billion from Benue State – Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has accused his predecessor in office, Senator George Akume of stealing N2billion from Benue State while in office.

Mr. Ortom also said that his estranged Godfather should ideally be in jail for corruptly enriching himself during his tenure as Governor.

Mr Ortom said this in response to the accusation of self enrichment with state funds levelled against him by Senator Akume

Senator Akume had said on Wednesday during the APC campaign in Benue that “there is one governor in the North-Central Nigeria, (referring to Ortom) who is richer than Buhari and has more money than Buhari in just three-and-a-half years of being a governor.”

However, Ortom, in his reply accused Akume of laundering N2billion during his eight-year tenure as Benue State Governor, saying “the truth of the matter is that Akume cannot hold me responsible for not being able to provide jobs; I was a billionaire before I became governor.

“Before I became a minister, I had to resign my position as the chairman of my company and the company is doing fine. I borrowed money from Nexim Bank, Bank of Industry and CBN.

“I discovered a window, through the present minister of agriculture that there was fund available for agricultural development programme. This I introduced to Akume that with all his asset around, he could obtain N5bn loan and invest in business. But he told me he did not have capacity to run business, so can he blame me for that?

“Akume was a governor for eight years and he stole N2billion before he left office; up till now, the case is with the EFCC  but because he is in the APC, nothing is happening of the case.

“That’s the reason why I said the EFCC was a tool of the APC, if not, Akume is supposed to be in jail now,” he said.


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