“Doira” a new female music sensation launches in Lagos

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One of the many faces of Doira, new music sensation
Doira launches Sexy Diva Single

She is hot, she is fresh and she is here to stay!

A new music sensation has being added to the long line of class acts from Nigeria with the launch of the musical career of “Doira”, a proudly Nigerian female singer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The debut of the music career of Doira is headlined with the launch of her single, Sexy Diva, which is set to hit the music airwaves.

Launched at a private media presentation in Lagos, Doira’s music is a fusion of Afro-hip hop music with indigenous flair and style.

According to the face behind the brand, Doira is a product of many years of hard work put into perfecting the personality, the voice and the beats to finally blend into a music genre that Nigerians from all walks of life can connect with:

“I am happy that today has come,” she enthuses, “I worked extra hard in the last couple of years combining my music passion with my role as a working-class professional but I am happy that today has come.”

“Many people may not understand what this means to me but I am happy that with the support of my family, I am on the verge of achieving my life-long dream of becoming a musician in a great country like Nigeria,” she said.

Produced by ‘T-Spice’ with final sound mixing by ‘Suka’, the new Single, Sexy Diva, features popular musician, K-Switch and an up-and-coming star, Bawa.

Doira says her brand of music is laden with lyrical vibes and familiar narratives coined to appeal to fans within and outside the shores of the country; she also hints that her musical renditions are founded on the objective of achieving universal appeal.

Doira also spoke about the marketing drive for her inaugural work:

“I will market my music to a universal audience on the major social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will light up all my social media handles to serve as social and marketing tools to connect with my fans and spark up interaction with audiences about the beautiful world of music and general entertainment.”

She continues, “My music will also be available for download and listening pleasure of my fans on major musical platforms such as MTN plus, iTunes, Cloud 9, Tecno Boom Player, Spotify, Amazon, Sound Cloud and Google Play among others.”

To achieve her objectives, Doira volunteers more insight: “I am working with FreeMedigital, a music distribution company to help me reach as many fans as possible. My fans can download my work by just clicking on the link below:



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