El-Rufai would have demolished the Atlantic Ocean as Lagos Gov – Reno Omokri

Mr  Reno Omokri has called the Governor of Kaduna, Malam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai out concerning the demolition of an alleged sex house in Kaduna Metropolis.

Reno in an earlier tweet compared Governor el-Rufai with factional terrorist, Abubakar Shekau.

He said, “el-rufai threatens people that don’t share his political leanings with death in body bags, Boko Haram’s Shekau threatens those who don’t share his religion with death by violence.

Shekau demolishes schools, el-Rufai demolishes businesses. At the end of the day, same difference.”

In another comparison, Reno said Lagos residence are blessed as El-rufai would have thrown Elegushi beach goers into a gulag. 

“If in doubt, ask Aisha Yakubu of the Kaduna alleged sex party hotel, or Dadiyata, el-Rufai’s critic, who disappeared and has not been heard from. Ask Audu, who fled to America to escape el-Rufai,” he alleged.

In a question he expects the Kaduna governor to answer, he asked, “If I print a flyer and list your personal house in Kaduna as venue for a sex party, without your knowledge, will you demolish your own house?”

Omokri however congratulates Lagos residence for violating Covid-19 rules and still get away with it.

He said, “Only today, I saw a massive crowd marking the New Year at Elegushi Beach in Lagos, unmindful of Covid-19 regulations.

“Lagosians do not know how blessed they are that Babajide Sanwoolu is the Governor.

“Had it been Nasir el-Rufai , he would have demolished the Atlantic ocean,” he concluded.

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