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President Buhari has directed us to increase membership base – Kwara Governor

The governor of Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq  has revealed that President MuMuhammadu Buhari has directed All Progressives Congress (APC) party leaders in the state to increase membership base of the party.

The Governor said this on Friday on his twitter handle. He said President Buhari charged him with the task while he  was with him in Daura on Tuesday. The Governor said, “President Muhammadu Buhari directed us to increase the membership base of the party.”

Meanwhile, Governor Abdulrahman attended APC stakeholders’ meeting Friday where he also charged the leaders to sheath their swords and embrace peace. He said, “Today, I attended APC stakeholders’ meeting where I called on party leaders and stakeholders to bury their differences and work in unity to widen the support base of our party.
“What happened two days ago ahead of our stakeholders’ meeting is not who we are. We are a peaceful and harmonious people.

“We are committed to achieving that from next week Tuesday when the registration starts in polling units across Kwara state. 
“Let’s observe Covid-19 protocols as we do the registration. We don’t want to escalate the pandemic.

“Let us remain hospitable and ensure that the Senator John Danboi-led committee is supported to do its job easily in Kwara. Those that may want to boycott the process, let’s encourage them to embrace the process. It is about democracy. Let’s encourage our people, friends, and family to register for the party.”

He said his government will continue to strive so electorates can feel positive impact of democracy. He said, “As a government, we will continue to make our people feel the impact of the government directly. We will not be distracted.

“So far enrollment in public hospitals has tripled. We are creating the right environment for job creation, and pensioners are getting paid.
“We have increased access to water, our unprecedented welfare programmes are helping vulnerable families and our infrastructural projects are all over Kwara, including Kwara north which has been neglected for so long.

“We will continue to do right by the people and I want to encourage every eligible Kwaran to support us by joining the APC.”


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