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How 115 young girls/ladies were exploited for commercial purposes in Abuja

115 Young girls and ladies have had their breastmilk harvested for production of butter, cheese and other dairy products in the city of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. 

Nigerian authorities have however  freed 115 mothers whose breast milk were being harvested every day and then turned into different dairy products like cheese, butter and fresh milk.

The factory, which is located around 60 miles South East of Abuja, is being investigated with the women freed from captivity.

It was gathered that some of the girls were as young as 16, the oldest being 22, and most of them were reported missing in the last three years.

The police suspect that their kidnappers recorded everything they did to them for the past three years and uploaded it to the dark web to entertain their clients.

According to the police, the girls were raped and impregnated live on the internet and after giving birth, they milked them like cows every day, and their milk was processed using some of the latest technology in the dairy industry.

They noted that three starving cows were kept in the building as a form of disguise in case the police becomes suspicious of their ungodly acts.

The police stated that majority of products from the dingy warehouse were being shipped out of the country, along with videos of the milking and processing and packaging of the products.

They said the computers and paperwork seized showed that the dairy’s operation was funded by fans who watch the operation of the dairy live on the dark web.

They noted that the funders from the dark web were paying the operators of the dairy using cryptocurrency.

They pay to have personalised videos and breast milk products from specific girls and more.

They stated that some of these funders request that a girl be fed a specific meal the day before she is milked to his specification and for the poor girls to say things like: “This milk is for you (insert name).”

RovingNaija reports scooped that access milk, cheese and butter were packaged using one of the popular milk dairy products brands and donated to charity or sold to small businesses.


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