Fulani community denies involvement in the killing of a farmer at Ilemona

The entire Fulani community of Ilemona, Headquarter of Oyun Local Government Area in Kwara State has denied any involvement, concerning the death of one Mr Samuel.

According to a statement issued by the ancient community of Fulanis in the area, “We wish to debunk the rumours going rounds on social media that Fulani killed one Mr Samuel,  a Bassa by tribe yesterday along Igbofanjo road, Ilemona.”

According to reports, the ugly incident happened yesterday 11th February, 2021at about 4:45pm when  Mr Samuel had a misunderstanding with Bororo Herdsmen in his farm along Igbofanjo road Ilemona.

This misunderstanding took another dimension which caused  Samuel his life.
It was gathered that one of the Bororos shot Samuel who died immediately. 

However, the community  hunters have apprehended one of the perpetrators and he has been handed over to the police for proper investigation. 

Meanwhile, the Fulani community in Ilemona however warned against misinformation of identity between Fulani and Bororos citing example of togetherness of Fulanis and the entire community over a long period of time without such an incident.


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