Group Raises The Alarm Over Possible Invasion Of Nigeria By Foreign Militia/Herders

By Samuel Ohwovoriole

A civil society group with focus on global security, peace and public safety, Global Peace and Life Rescue Initiative (GOPLRI), has raised an alarm over the possible invasion of parts of the country by suspected foreign militia and herders, who have continued to kill, kidnap, rape, maim and carry out other forms of bestial activities.

In statement on Wednesday, by its Executive Director, Amb. Melvin Ejeh, the group raised an alarm on the heels of trending video of abducted passengers of Niger State Transport Authority, NSTA, where their abductors believed to be foreign Herders militia displayed modern sophiscated arms around their victims.

Worried over the increasing rate of  crimes across the country specifically attributed to herders which has caused ethnic tensions, the coalition, feared that another civil war may be looming except something urgent was done by both authorities and stakeholders to stop the trend.

“We are alarmed by the level of attacks carried out on innocent citizens by extremists whom, investigations have revealed, are foreign herders, who have continued to take advantage of our porous borders to invade the country from all fronts.

“Civil war is looming in the country if nothing is done urgently. Nigerians must stop the blame game, irrespective of ethnic, political, and religious  differences and solve this problem at once,” it said.

The group wonders why the militia group is so blood thirsty and insists that only savage beings, who have no blood, linguistic, traditional and other connections with their victims, can carry out such heinous and vicious attacks on innocent people like these Invaders do.

“Otherwise, why would they kill in such bestial manner, rape women recklessly, destroy means of livelihoods, and instill fear in the hearts of innocent citizens of the country?

They recalled that the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai had earlier on Monday, expressed fears over the bold attitude of perpetrators of crimes to confront troops and other trained security personnel, the group said the video of the bandits depicted a country which was being run by foreign invaders.

They maintained that the foreign invaders have an agenda to loot, while instilling fear in their victims, with a view to actualising their objective.
They called on regional security outfits to bury the thought of defeating these terrorists alone, saying they must work in close synergy with the military and other security agencies, to achieve the collective aim.

The group called on both the federal and state governments to pay more attention to the potential threat posed by these militiamen, saying the development had the potential of hurting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation.

They urged the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) and sister security agencies to review their intelligence and operational mechanisms, in order to save the country from external attacks.

“The military, police, immigration, customs, civil defence and other relevant law enforcement agencies must, for the sake of Nigeria, share intelligence and operational strategies, knowing full well that they are up against a common enemy. 

“Ethnic, religious, cultural groups, as well as individuals must remember that there must be a country first, before such tendencies can blossom, and so hasten to suspend the fault lines, which are apparently being exploited to nurture and sustain the wicked agenda;

“Mr President must issue a clear directives  to the new service chiefs and other security heads  to move into all the forests and our major highways to flush out these criminal herdsmen before it’s late,” it said.   

According to the group, “The President needs to be told the truth; the situation is getting out of hand.  enough of the sycophants that cover up serious issues to the detriment of the peace and unity of Nigeria. 

“We really need our Armed Forces and security agencies to show more commitment in carrying out their duties. They should be able to do a lot more. Let the truth be told,” it said.


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