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Hoodlums stab #EndSARS protester who testified before Lagos panel

Kamsichukwu Ibeh is one of the #EndSARS protesters who testified before the Lagos judicial panel on police brutality.

She was heading home from her workplace when she was attacked and stabbed at the Sangotedo area of Lagos State on Sunday.

The incident happened exactly one year after she gave her testimony at the judicial panel on November 21, 2020.

In a video that has now gone viral, Ibeh had machete cuts on her hands and parts of her body and was seen crying as she narrated how she was attacked.

“Last night, I was attacked on my way back from TNS by the three guys who I thought was passersby,” she said.

Ibeh said while she was at the bus stop, the men identified her as the “girl from the panel”.

“He said if they kill me, they will see how I will continue to agitate for justice. They started cutting me like I am a thief,” she said.

“I survived by the grace of God. I thought I would die at that bus stop.”

Adesina Ogunlana, a lawyer and human rights activist who represented Ibeh at the judicial panel, said her attackers came “with identity and with purpose”. The lawyer said Ibeh was attacked because of her testimony.

“Yesterday night, enemies of the #EndSARS movement and protest launched a murderous attack on one of the leaders of the movement, Kamsichukwu Ibeh.”

“The attackers were not criminals who came to rob her of personal effects, neither were they rapists. The criminals came with identity and with purpose.

“As they were macheting and cutting her the three assailants said, ‘we know you. Since you #EndSARS people have been warned to stop and you didn’t, when you die, go and continue in heaven’.

“They inflicted serious matchet cuts on her and left her for dead. That Kamsi is still alive is only by the grace of God.”

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