Deborah Samuel: Atiku Fires Back At Critics, Explains Reason For Deleting Twitter, Facebook Post

Former Nigeria’s Vice president, Atiku Abubabakar has reacted to the criticisms that have been trailing his deleted social media post on the death of Sokoto College Student, Deborah Samuel.

The young lady was killed and burnt by mob on Wednesday after she reportedly sent a blasphemous audio message on the class Whatsapp group.

In the heat of outrage that greeted the jungle justice metted on her, the former vice president who is a PDP presidential aspirant reacted on his Facebook and Twitter account.

Atiku who condemned the action said there is no justification for killing in the name of religion. He therefore called for investigation, prosecution and adequate justice for the slain student.

His post triggered a barrage of outrage from his political followers with some of them threatening to deny him of their supports and vote in the primary.

Less than 10 minutes after making the post, it was taken down. Again, his decision for deleting it further provoked another fussilage of reactions from Nigerians.

Responding to critics during his consultation visit to Edo State on Friday, Atiku said: “Every tweet has to get my expressed approval but this one didn’t, so I I asked them to take it down.

“I took a stand about Sharia law and was abused, thrown stones at, but how long did it last? Despite that, I didn’t change my position on that. I am not afraid to take a stand on critical issues,“ he said.

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