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Set Of People Who Will Profit & Those Who Will Suffer The Effect Of Current Fuel Scarcity

For the fourth time in a row this year, Nigerians are back with the painful experience of fuel scarcity across the country.

The long queue and struggle to buy fuel at the filling station has returned and this time, with no hope of the situation ending soon. 

As at now, only the petroleum marketers are speaking up that they have no fuel in their depots and that is why their drivers are not loading. 

According to the narrative, the landing cost per liter is extremely high compared to the selling price and the government is not paying them the subsidy as claimed in the budget. 

The marketers claimed that landing cost is 180 naira per liter while they are made to sell at 164 naira to customers. No response has been issue from the government over the disturbing situation while Nigerians continue to suffer the impact.

Despite the difficulty it poses, there are certain set of people who are pleased with the situation and they have turned it to a money making venture.

The first set of people in this category are the petrol attendants. These people are kings and queens at the moment. They are the beautiful brides everybody wants to court.

Ironically, many of the filling Stations never ran out of fuel before the scarcity commenced but they chose to cash on the situation to make more money by selling above the regulated price.

Many attendants are now behaving like emprors due to the long queue in their stations. Some customers will have to engage in tipping them so they can jump the queue and fill their tanks.

In a time like this, most petrol attendants go home daily with more money than what they ordinarily earn monthlyThe second set of people are the transporters. These people make more money during fuel scarcity by hiking the fares like tripple times of the normal fare.

Also, illegal fuel merchants popularly known as black marketers or fuel peddlers are making it big right now. Most of them strike a deal with filling station managers to get fuel in large quantities and sell at exorbitant price to drivers who cannot endure the queue at the filling station. 

Some car owners or City big boys buy as high as 300-400 naira per liter just to escape the long queue and save their time.

In the same vein, there are other category who are bleeding by virtue of the current situation.

Among these people are the small scale business owners. Most of them close down business in a time like this due to the cost of doing business. Since they will have to generate power for whatever they do, they will have no choice than to suspend their operations till everything return to normal.

Similarly, the employees who are on monthly salaries are currently at the receiving end of this present difficulty.

They will have to spend more on transport with the same amount of salaries they earn. Imagine an employee who earns 100,000 naira monthly and will now have to spend about 50,000 naira on transport every month. 

As a matter of fact, some companies will have to cut down their staff strength or even salaries in order to meet up with the cost of doing business.

The whole repercussions boil down to employees and except something is quickly done to alleviate the situation, it may continue to get worse till it degenerates to an unmanageable scenario.

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