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Ministerial List: Why The Ministers-To-Be May Not Get Intensive Scrutiny At The N’Assembly Like Previous Ones

After about five weeks of massive resignation from president Buhari’s cabinet, the president has decided to inject a fresh blood into his government.

About seven ministers tendered their resignation letter last month for the purpose of pursuing their various political ambitions both at the national and state level.

On Tuesday June 21, the president forwarded seven names to the National Assembly for screening and confirmation so as to replace the previous ones who have moved to the next level.

Before end of this week or latest by next week, the ministerial nominees will be invited for screening and confirmation by members of the national assembly members.

However, looking at the way the previous ministers were scrutinized when their names were forwarded to the Lawmakers compared to the political situation in the country, it is almost impossible for these ministers-to-be to go through the same mode of scrutiny.

As a matter of fact, many of them might be asked to simply take a bow and leave. Here are the two reasons to buttress the argument.

The first reason is the legislative commitment at the moment. Presently, several members of National Assembly are battling for their political survival.

Many of them have lost their party ticket to return to the chamber while others who won their party ticket are faced with the threat from more popular candidates from other party in their constituency.

Others are still angry for being denied the privilege to return to the Senate or house of representatives and they are planning to defect to other party. 

These Lawmakers will see the screening of ministerial nominees as less important at this time and they will do everything to get it out of their ways as soon as possible so they can attend to other pressing political matters.

The second reason is the executive reason. The present administration is already winding down and there is possibility that any minister appointed now might not have much to do.

In most cases, the new ministers are majorly appointed to fill up the vacant spaces and to fulfill the principle of federal character and regional balancing.

Electioneering season is around and they will be needed to use their influence to mobilize supports for the ruling party in their respective states. In other word, they may not really have much to do in whichever ministry they are deployed to, before the end of the tenure.

Hence, the Lawmakers may not bother to conduct an intensive screening for them when they appear. They may simply be asked to take a bow and leave.

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