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What Will Befall PDP In Osun Will Be Worse Than What Happened In Ekiti- Osun Senator

The outcome of Ekiti state governorship election has continued to trigger controversies and arguments between the people’s democratic party and the all Progressive Congress.

This was vividly played out between Senator Ajibola Bashir, and Chief Diran Odeyemi who engaged each other on a live television programme on Wednesday.

Bashir, a Chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress is the Senate spokesman while Odeyemi is a PDP leader in Osun state.

The two elderstatesmen were on Wednesday edition of Channels TV Politics Today where they were privileged to tackle each other on what happened in Ekiti and what may likely be the outcome of the forthcoming governorship election in Osun State.

While dissecting the performance of PDP in the just concluded governorship election in Ekiti State, Ajibola Bashir related the outcome to how deflated PDP has become in Nigeria as of today.

He believes that Nigerians have used the situation in Ekiti to pass a message to the opposition party that they are no more needed in the country. He said for PDP which is believed to be a major opposition party in the country to have come a distant third in the election shows that they have been completely rejected by Nigerians.

He noted that PDP was roundly beaten in all the local governments that make up the State. For him, it was a sign that PDP has been rejected.

Also speaking on what to expect from the Osun State governorship election in July 16, senator Bashir explained that what happened in Ekiti is going to be a child play compared to what will happen to PDP in Osun State come next month.

He said if they manage to win a single local government, then it will be by rigging. 

He specifically stated that what will befall PDP in Osun next month will be far worse than what befell them in Ekiti in the June 17 governorship election.

But on his part, Diran Odeyemi attributed APC victory in Ekiti to the massive vote buying that happened during the election.

He accused them of using the state resources to induce voters so as to remain in power and cover their tracks. Odeyemi said if not for vote buying that took place, APC would not have been able to win election in Ekiti state. 

He accused APC of being notorious for their rigging and vote buying strategy. He said they were the ones that introduce vote buying into the Nigeria’s polity. That is why they have not been able to deliver on any of their promises since they took over power in 2015.

He explained that since Oyetola assumed office in 2018, nothing significant can be pointed to as his achievements in his almost four years in office. He explained that having failed to boast of any achievement to campaign with, they have resulted to thugery, threat and killing of PDP members in the State.

Odeyemi accused APC of killing about five of their members in this electioneering period in Osun state. He however called on Police IG, DSS and other security agencies to intervene and rescue them from APC in the State.

The two political leaders had this argument on Wednesday during Channel’s TV Politics Today 

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