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Train Attack: Shehu Sani Offers 2 Options To FG To Secure Victims After Bandits Release Threatening Video

Former Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani has given two options to the federal government of Nigeria on how it can secure the release of abducted victims of Abuja-Kaduna Train.

His suggestion is coming on the heels of latest video released by the bandits on Sunday. The terrorists have released a threatening video to the public where they flogged their male captives and threatened they will kill some of them and sell the remaining to slavery.

They also threatened to abduct Nigerian leaders very soon.

The video has no doubt created a major headache to Nigerians since it was released and they are calling on the federal government to rise up to the occasion and secure the freedom of about 48 passengers of the ill-fated Abuja-Kaduna Train that are still languishing in the bandits forest.

Reacting to the video on Sunday, Shehu Sani gave the Nigerian government two options to go about the situation.

In series of tweets via his Twitter handle, Shehu Sani told the Federal Government that it should either free the remaining abducted passengers or negotiate for their release.

To free them means the government will have to deploy a superior firepower to combat the Bandits in the forest. In this development, many casualties are expected to take place including some of the victims. 

Whoever survives the military invasion will be rescued while those who could not will be given martyrical honour.

To negotiate with the Bandits, the government will need to meet their demands in exchange for the release of captive in their hands.

On his Twitter page, Shehu Sani wrote:

“The video clip of the torture of Kaduna bound train hostages followed the same pattern with that of Federal College of Agric Mechanisation, Kaduna.The difference was that women were spared.

They are sending a message. The options remains two: free them or negotiate for their release.

“There has never been any successful rescue operations for most mass kidnappings of students, farmers or passengers in Kaduna, other than ransom payments by families. That is why the terrorists in the video called the committee set up by the Government as ‘Tea drinking committee’.

“When terrorists post video clips of the torture of their victims, they are waging a psychological war to bring attention to their demands. We don’t have a thick forest in the North West to warrant four months of this ordeal. Time is of essence for the Government to act now.”

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