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I Was 12 When I Lost My Dad, Life Was Really Tough – BBNaija Season 7 Housemate Reveals 

As the housemates of Big Brother Naija season 7 begin their bonding, some of the contestants have started making revelations about themselves.

The reality TV show kicked off on Saturday and by Sunday, all the housemates for the 2022 edition with the title: Level Up Housemates have made their ways into the house. They are in the contest for 100 million naira grand prize.

While some of them are still studying the environment and putting up strategies to lunch themselve into the game, others have devised means to capture the audience and magnetize their fans.

Early on Monday morning, there was a deep conversion among trio of Doyin, Allyson and Dotun in the house. The camera beamed on the three housemates where they were discussing marriage and child bearing.

While Dotun believes that two children are enough for couple and anything more than two kids can be herculean to cope with considering the present economic situation of the country, Allyson claims she does not know if she has made up her mind to give birth or not. 

However, Doyin has a practical experience on how it is not easy to give birth to many children that couple cannot take care of in case of a sudden change of situation.

Using herself as a case study, the young lady who claimed she is from Ondo State stated that she is from a family of four and their upbringing was with a silver spoon.

She is the second child of the family with an elder sister and two younger brother. Everything was quite rosy for them and they had all the best of life any child could think of. Their dad traveled a lot while their mum was into business.

However, things took a downturn for them when she was 12 years old. They lost their dad and they had to face the reality of life. What their mum was doing was not enough to sustain the family and they had to go through a rough path of life to survive.

Doyin who never knew she could be exposed to that kind of situation advised that money or no money, there is need for couples to plan adequately before they start giving birth. The fact that there is money today does not mean it will be like that forever.

What happened to her is a critical case to learn from and she vowed never to let her own children walk through that path.

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