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3 Statements Portable Allegedly Made That Disqualified Him From 2022 Headies Awards

Popular Nigerian hip-hop artist, Habeeb Okikiola fondly known as Portable has been disqualified for the 15th edition of Headies Awards.

Portable who hit the limelight in December 2021 has been a major topic of discussion on social media which in most cases, for negative reasons.

Recently, he was nominated for two categories of Headies Awards. He was nominated as Best Street Artist of the Year and Rockie of the Year Award.

Unfortunately, he has been disqualified from both awards based on what is believed to be act of indiscipline from him.

In a statement issued by Smooth Promotion Limited, the organizer of the award, Portable is disqualified due to his act of recklessness and series of incriminating statements which he is fond of posting on social media.

Basically, there are three major statements that were used against him which consequently cost him the award.

The first statement was the threat he allegedly issued to other nominees in the same category he was nominated for.

He was said to have threatened to harm them if he did not win the award.

Secondly, Portable was caught in a video that had gone viral last month how he was assaulting and inflicting body harm on another person.

Lastly, Portable, earlier this month, also published a video on social media stating that he is the founder of the notorious group, ‘One Million Boys.

Those who remember the havoc and nightmare the group caused in Lagos and its environs during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown would understand reason he was disqualified from the awards.

According to the statement by the organizers, “we shall not condone reckless and uncouth statements from artists and hereby disassociate ourselves from any individual linked to such assembly or activities linked to him as described,” the Headies said.

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