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Sen. Abaribe Reveals What Next President Should Expect If Buhari Is Successfully Impeached 

Senator representing Abia South Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Eyinnaya Abaribe, has revealed what will happen if the Senate succeeds in impeaching President Muhammadu Buhari over rising insecurity in the country.

It was reported that senators from opposition parties had given President Buhari six weeks ultimatum to address the security situation or face impeachment. 

The senators stormed out of the chamber chanting, “All we are saying, Buhari must go”, “Nigeria must survive”, “Ahmad Lawan should follow”, etc.

Speaking on the lawmakers’ attempt to impeach Buhari, Abaribe said it was time for the President to go, having shown Nigerians that he could not do the job.

Abaribe, who stated this while featuring on Channel Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday, alleged that Buhari has done nothing to show that he cared about what was going on in the country.

According to the Abia lawmaker, if the Senate succeeds in impeaching Buhari, “then the person who takes over will know that his job is also on the line.

“Then any other President that comes in will know that his job can also be on the line and you do your work.

“The reason why you came out and vie for running for an office as strong as the president is because you told us, you gave us the assurance that you can do the job.”

Speaking further, Abaribe said, “You have to do things to show that you care about what is going on.

“The impression is being created very very ominously that there’s some method to this madness. That there’s some collusion going on.

“That people are being left to do what they want in Nigeria. And if you go on the streets of Nigeria, you’ll get that impression and if you’re in charge, you need to do something to disabuse our minds, but nothing is being done, giving rise to everybody speculating.

“[The impeachment move] may start with one person, it may start with two [persons]…as you could see, what happened today, nobody sat and planned there was going to be a walkout. People just got exasparated.

“The reason why they got exerspirated was the cavalian manner that the matter was being treated by the Senate President.”

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