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Those Who Are Threatening To Impeach Buhari Are Minorities Of The Minorities, They Can’t Have Their Ways- Femi Adesina

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina is certained that the threat to impeach president Muhammadu Buhari by the Nigerian Lawmakers is a mere threat that cannot stand the test of time.

Adesina who spoke while featuring on the Wednesday edition of Politics Today stated that president Buhari has not done anything to warrant his impeachment by the Lawmakers.

The president has been under a heavy criticism from Nigerians over his inability to put a stop to the ongoing orgy of killings, kidnapping and banditry across the country.

On Wednesday, the Senate minority caucus gave the president six weeks Ultimatum to fix the current security situation or face impeachment proceedings from the lawmakers.

The threat has dominated a major national discussion across the country since Wednesday. 

Reacting to the threat on Channels TV, Femi Adesina explained that the Senators who made the impeachment threat are minorities of the minorities.

They can only have their say but can never have their ways.

Adesina said this is democracy and not a system where just a few people can stand to dictate for a large number of people on the National Assembly. He believes that the Lawmakers who are making the moves do not have enough numbers to carry out such a threat.

He described them and other people criticizing the president as anarchists. They are people who are hellbent on creating confusion and constitutional crisis in the country.

He noted that the reason on which they plan to impeach the president is flippant. Adesina explained that constitution is clear in a case of impeachment. This kind of moves cannot see the light of the day.

The presidential Media Aide stated this on Channel’s TV’s “Politics Today” on Wednesday.

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