3 Important Things Every Lady Should Avoid Doing To Her Private Part

By Tolulope Popoola
A lot of women spend plenty of time worrying about how they want to look, smell and feel down there.

Often times, you hear some say, “I want to smell like flowers”, “I want to smell like roses”, “I am spending 2 hours today to take care of my self down there” and it makes me wonder, what exactly are you taking care of with 2 hours? How exactly do you intend to achieve these goals?

This is to tell you how obsessed some women are with having themselves smell like roses and flowers down there but in the real sense, the should just leave the vagina and let it be.

Incase anyone has forgotten, let me remind you that a woman’s vagina is the most sensitive and private part of her body and yes, It should be treated with care.

According to buzzfeed, the only time you should be eager to go an extra mile as a woman, is in cases where there is an extremely negative smell that indicates some diseases or infection otherwise the vagina is self-cleansing.

Yes, it automatically cleans itself by literally serving as a gatekeeper to ward of possible attack into the body and to assist the vagina in doing this conveniently, you should avoid;

  1. Vagina wash, spray or gel This one seems to be the worse and that why I am starting with this. Most women go the extra mile and spend heavily to buy special wash soap, and gels. Some do so in an attempt to get tightened back because they believe they are loose while some other do so to brag that they are extra neat down there. If you belong to any of these categories, you have just gotten a ticket to irritation and infections. No matter how much these products are marketed, do not buy or use them to save your self from running helter and skelter when trouble starts.
    1. Douching
      If there is anything women are guilty of, it is douching. Atleast 9 out of 10 ladies or females are guilty of douching and most times they don’t do it to intentionally harm the body, they do it so they can protect themselves not knowing that this protection is doing the vagina a harm that is 10 times more than good.
      On this note, women should avoid using water and vinegar, or iodine or baking soda on the vagina in an attempt to clean it and have it smell nice. It isn’t meant to smell nice, it should smell like a proper vagina.
      Some do this once they have had unprotected sex to wash away the semen but from me to you today, douching has a lot of negative effects on the vagina and in addition, it can lead to pregnancy complications in the future, because it disrupts the normal PH level of the vagina which in turn leads to yeast infections and vaginosis.
    2. Wet wipes
      All attempts, temptation and advise to use feminine wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes, anything scented or fragranced should be strongly kicked against. Wonder why? It simply disrupts the PH of the vagina, which puts a woman at the risk of getting yeast infections and vaginosis.
      Sometimes you will be told that some wipes are actually fragrant free and made of only natural products which is true, but to avoid falling victim of what is and what isn’t true, the aforementioned should be avoided.
      If you must assist the vagina in cleaning, try as much as possible to always:
  2. Wash it with warm water and unscented soap. at least twice a day.
  3. Wear only clean, dry and cotton underwear.
  4. Dry your underwear under the sun.
  5. Avoid sitting on communal toilets.
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