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I Expect The National Security Adviser To Have Tendered His Resignation Letter By Now- Niger APC Senator

Niger State Senator, Sani Musa has pointed accusing fingers at Nigerian leaders for the festering security crisis across the country.

The lawmaker who appeared on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics programme exonerated Political Parties from the problem be it ruling or opposition party.

According to him, Nigeria has both material and humans resources that can detect where bandits are operating from and there are military personnel that can bombard them where they are and wipe them off completely.

Senator Sani while heaping the blame of poor handling of insecurity on the federal government, explained that by now he expects the National Security Adviser, General Mungono to have resigned his appointment on account of failure.

He said if he were in his position, he would not be waiting for anyone to tell him to resign. He disclosed that Mungono is still in office because nobody is holding him responsible for his action and inaction as NSA.

He described the current government as lacking in capacity to punish or question any appointee for failure to discharge their responsibility.

According to the senator, by now, someone ought to have been used as a scapegoat for the Prison Break that occured in Kuje where terrorists and hardened criminals serving different jail terms were set free by terrorists.

He also lamented the free flow of sophisticated weapons into the forest without anyone trying to know where those arms are coming from. He asked if the borders are no longer guarded by the security.

The lawmaker explained that his people who are majorly agrarian can no longer go to their farms right now because of fear of being kidnapped by Bandits.

He advised president Muhammadu Buhari to start punishing his appointees especially those appointed in the security position for their failures. He said once this is introduced into the system, insecurity will reduce to the barest minimum.

The Lawmaker gave this view while appearing on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics flagship programme.

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