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Nigerians Knock President Buhari Over Approval Of N1.4B For The Purchase Of Vehicle For Niger Republic

President Muhammadu Buhari is facing severe criticisms from Nigerians following a report that he approved N1.4 billion for the purchase of 10 vehicles for Niger Republic.

Popular Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin, on Tuesday night, published a document from the country’s budget office alleging that President Buhari approved the funds for the purchase of 10 Toyota land Cruiser jeeps.

The document also revealed the account name and number to which the money was paid into.

Below is Hundeyin’s Tweet;

I’m going to put this on Twitter because @WestAfricaWeek is a long-read platform that doesn’t do breaking news, and this needs to be out there.

I’ve got hold of a budget office document showing @MBuhari approving N1.4 billion to buy vehicles for the government of Niger Republic.

— David Hundeyin (@DavidHundeyin) August 2, 2022

Below are some of the comments from Nigerians on Social media;

We are finished in this country, why would Buhari buy another country’s a vehicle? Ahhh 😱 Oga ooo

— Accessible (@AduraBidemi) August 2, 2022

lol.. and it is Nigerians that will pay all these. That man is wicked…. that man is cold blooded wicked.

— FUTURISM (@MeterNigeria) August 2, 2022

Railway to Maradi makes sense now! David Hundeyin just leaked a Letter showing clearly how Buhari approved N1.4 billion to buy vehicles for the government of Niger Republic. Buhari wastes scarce resources on his Nigerien cousins, but he won’t fund ASUU?


— NEFERTITI (@firstladyship) August 2, 2022

You are a student, you’ve been at home for 6 months because of ASUU while we are funding Niger Republic government but you are still shouting Emi Lokan.

My dear, you are not part of it. It is not your turn but his turn. Buhari is done sha.

— DISTINGUISHED Everest (@novieverest) August 2, 2022

Buhari send palliative go Niger Republic, meanwhile Nigerians no see palliative 😭

— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) August 2, 2022

Never forget that Buhari was able to find money for a railway line passing his village to Niger but couldn’t find money to end ASUU strike of nearly one academic year now.


— Mitchell Obama Lokan (@Ambrosia_Ijebu) July 26, 2022

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