The Pleasure Lasted For Just A Minute & It Landed Me In Cell – Habalist Speaks From Police Cell

Samson Ogundele, a 40-year old self acclaimed habalist has landed himself in trouble for his inability to rein in on his libido in Ogun State.

The harbalist narrated his ordeal to Punch Newspaper on how he got to police cell and how life has been unbearable for him in the custody.

According to the report, Ogundele was aproached by a group of young girls who wanted to make consultation on the missing one thousand naira in the shop where they are learning as apprentices.

He asked them yo pay a sum of 700 naira for the service which they obliged to pay. He sheduled them for the following day to make a consultation following the inability of all the apprentices involved to present in the first day.

On the day of the event, Ogundele explained he was calling them in to the special room he uses for consultation one after the other. On getting to the turn of his victim who is a 17-year old girl, the Oracle revealed that she was responsible for the stolen money.

The girl who confessed to the crime begged him to conceal the revelation from others. He however demanded something in return. She offered him 200 naira but he refused saying he doesn’t need her money. He demanded for her body and she agreed.

They had a nice time in the room which lasted for just a minute. On getting to her colleagues who were anxiously waiting for her, she began to cry after they asked her what kept her longer than others who have gone in.

She eventually confessed to what happened when they returned to their shop. The following day, the habalist was lured from his house to the palace of the king where he was arrested and taken to the police station.

While responding to question if he knew the girl’s age, he denied any knowledge of it. He confirmed that the session didn’t last and they couldn’t have it very well because her colleagues were anxiously waiting for her.

He explained that it was not really an enjoyable affairs. It was just one minute session which eventually landed him in cell.

Ogundele who is married with two kids disclosed that his wife was at home when the incident happened but was at the backyard where she was making pap.

He is asking for forgiveness from the royal father and members of the community.

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