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Woman refuses to refund N6.9 billion mistakenly sent to her

An Australian woman, Tevamanogari Manivel, is not coorporating as a crypto company is requesting a refund of N6.930 mistakenly sent to her.

The Crypto trading company crypto.com mistakenly transferred N6.930 ($10.5 million) to the woman in Australia when it processed a $100 refund and did not notice the mistake for seven months.

The Guardian reported that the company found it had erroneously made the transfer to the Melbourne woman, Tevamanogari Manivel, in December 2021, seven months after the transfer was made.

Crypto.com had paid out $10.5 million the money rather than the $100 refund after the woman’s account number was accidental entered into the payment amount portal.

The firm launched legal action in the Victorian Supreme Court this year and was given a freeze on the woman’s bank account in February. Still, most of the money has been transferred to other accounts, which were frozen.

According to a court hearing, $1.35 million of the money had been used to buy a four-bedroom home in Melbourne in February, and the ownership of the property was given in the name of Manivel’s sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory, living in Malaysia.

Gangadory never responded to emails by the company’s lawyers.

Manivel’s lawyer told the company that Gangadory was seeking legal advice.

Due to this, a default judgment was awarded to Crypto.com to force Gangadory to sell the property as soon as possible, and the money to go to Crypto.com both interest for $27,369.64 and costs.

Crypto.com did not comment on the case while it was still in court.

In June, the company said it was laying off about 260 staff due to a downturn in the crypto industry, and there were reports the company sacked more people.

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