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PHOTOS: Jealous Wife Drives Herself To Death While Chasing Husband And Side Chick

A yet to be identified woman has driven herself to death during a fierce chase on her husband who was trying to escape from her with his side chick. 

The enraged woman, after spotting her man with another lady in a public place, was said to have driven after them in hot pursuit till she ended up dead.

According to an eye witnesses, Stephen Okposin, the accident happened on Sunday morning at the Murtarla Mohammed Highway.

While narrating the incident on social media, he wrote: 

“The lady saw her hubby at Spar shop with another woman in the car, so she hurriedly drove to double cross them. This man saw her car and zoomed off, so the woman became aggressive and sped up after them.

“I was just driving behind them and in less than 3 minutes I saw her involved in the accident and she’s unconscious at point of death,” he wrote.

Scene Of The Car Wreckage
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