Reasons FG Is Planing To Put An End To The Consumption Of ‘Ponmo’ In Nigeria

Considering the recent development in the Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology, the Federal Government may put a permanent end to the consumption of animal skin, locally known as Ponmo in the country.

The director general of the institute, Munammad Yakubu disclosed this in a statement in Abuja. According to him, the consumption of Ponmo which has no nutritional value has gravely affected the production of leather in the country.

The institute, fondly known as NILEST was set up to promote the production of leather in the country which is in line with the Agricultural Research Institute Act 1975.

But unfortunately, the massive consumption of Ponmo by many Nigerians has rendered the purpose of the institute ineffective as many people have built lucrative ventures in the sale and consumption of animal skin.

Yakubu however said the institute is currently proposing a legislation to the National Assembly that will outrightly ban the consumption of the product in the country. If this is achieved, it will make animal skin available for the primary reason it is meant for and also enable the institute fulfill the mandate for which it was established.

The DG is of the opinion that the decision will help to revive the institute and the industry which has gone into coma over the years as a result of constant consumption of Ponmo by many Nigerians.

Yakubu said: “If we get our tanneries, our footwear and leather production working well in Nigeria, people will hardly get ponmo to buy and eat.

“When implemented fully, it would turn around most of the comatose tanneries and ginger greater output in production,” he said.

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