As A Tenant In Lagos, Once Your Landlord Starts Showing You Any Of These Signs, Get Ready For Quit Notice 

The popular saying that customers are always right does not apply to the nature of business relationship between a landlord and his tenant. For a state like Lagos, the Landlord is always the king while tenants are the subjects despite the huge amount being paid yearly to house owners as rent.

Landlords have a way of exercising their unrestricted power over their properties whenever they deem it fit to act above the law. Even when they are being reminded about what the tenancy law says regarding some of their actions or inactions, they will draw the attention of their tenants to those days they struggled to build their houses with no law to offer any financial assistance.

Some landlords are found of ejecting their tenants every year with the sole aim of getting new ones that will pay more money with extra charges. And in a situation where the old tenants do not show any sign of leaving voluntarily, they always have a way of passing some messages that will put such tenants under pressure to vacate.

If you are a tenant and you notice any of these signs in your landlord, be ready for his quit notice anytime soon.

1. When your landlord sends you a message two or three months to the expiration of your rent and demands to know whether you are still interested in renewing your rent, he is already tired of you and wants you out.

There are some landlords who do not pray for their tenant to be financially bouyant enough to renew his or her rent. For them, it is an opportunity to give such a tenant three months ultimatum to quit on the basis of failure to renew contrary to the agreement signed.

At the end of the three months, the tenant will be forcefully ejected from the aparment. 

2. When your landlord suddenly become hostile and unapproachable to you, he is ready to get you out of his apartment. All of a sudden, what used to be a joking matter or something that is immaterial between you and him becomes a serious issue that will be picked on.

Some landlords may tell you there are too many occupants in your apartment as against your agreement. Some will claim that you have too many friends in the neighborhood and that they are not comfortable with that. Things that are irrelevant will become a subject of argument and before long, he will tag you as a rebel. 

When you notice that, start looking for another accommodation before your letter arrives.

3. When your landlord starts bringing a construction or building engineer to the compound and they are doing some measurements, analysis of renovation and reconstruction, it is time to leave.

That is the strategy landlords deploy these days to get their tenants out of their house at the expiration of the rent. They will tell you that there are some structural defects or something that is not right with the building and there is an instruction from the engineer to fix it on time. The only way it can be achieved is to render all the apartments vacant so they can carry out a radical renovation, re-roofing and restructuring.

With this reason, you will have no choice than to move out at the expiration of your current rent. 

When you notice all these signs, you should take it as an advanced message before the real notice to quite finally arrives.

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