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‘Executive lawlessness and organized political banditry’ – LP slams APC over attack in Katsina

Labour Party (LP) has described as ‘Another APC Executive lawlessness, rascality and organized political banditry on display’, the disruption of a rally in Katsina State.

Supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the LP, had set out for a planned rally on Monday in president Muhammadu Buhari’s state, Katsina.

But in a viral video making the rounds on social media, a crowd bearing cars, and other materials carrying the Labour Party logo were denied access by security agents to hold the rally.

According to a statement issued Monday by Comrade Arabambi Abayomi, National Publicity Secretary, the party called for the immediate redeployment of the Kastina State Commissioner of police “so that he can be reminded that he is an officer of the Nigeria Police and not State Police of Kastina State.

“Our party attention was drawn to a mercilessly co -ordinated assault and attacked by the military wing of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Kastina State Chapter on the peace loving Obedient political movement supporters of the Mr Peter Gregory Obi, the incoming President of the federal republic of Nigeria come may 29th 2022.

“It is fast getting very much clearer that the APC has officially adopted violent attacks on LP’s Presidential Candidate support group across the States of the Nation. LP finds this trend quite unacceptable and condemn the growing terrorism of APC in virtually some APC controlled State in the Nation.

“Once again, LP has to re- emphasis the fact that no one political party has a monopoly of crude and organized violence.

“It is an irony that a sitting Governor who has earlier so pompously claimed that Peter Obi is not known beyond the South East has been caught up by retributive justice to be frustrated into violence by the share strong, heavy and frightening huge crowd of loyal willing supporters of Peter right in the center of his self – deluded political safe – zone.

“One simply hopes that the security agencies will not continue to appear helpless as this chain of planned and choreographed violence are visited relentlessly on the LP Presidential support groups all over the States under APC in the Country.”

But in a swift reaction, All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain, Garus Gololo, warned Obi supporters “to be cautious in choosing locations for their rallies.

Katsina State is already struggling with insecurity issues. So, it’s a wise move by the state government to stop the rally.”

He also advised, “LP should be patient. The elections are only a few months away. Then the true mandate of the people will showcase itself.

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