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Are You Truly Pregnant?- Reactions As 8-Month Pregnant Lady Showcases Her Flat Tommy  (PHOTOS)

A pregnant young woman who shared her prenatal journey on social media has stirred up debate over the size of her nearly unnoticeable baby bump.

The expectant woman, who claimed to be more than eight months pregnant, took part in the popular pregnancy challenge, in which women described how pregnancy affects their appearance.

Her tummy remained flat in both the video and pictures on social media. She  showcased her belly when she was in the fourth, fifth, eighth, and now ninth month of pregnancy.

In response to the video, social media users questioned if the woman was truly pregnant.

A TikTok follower @Nessie Morgan wrote, “9 month looking like my tummy. Or am I pregnant?”

Another follower @faithy wrote, “Your nine months na my belle when i never chop ??”.

Responding, the pregnant woman explained that she’s always had an extremely flat tummy.

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