Dear Single Lady, Ensure You Settle On These 5 Things With A Guy Before Saying Yes To His Marriage Proposal

As a lady, it is not enough to get a proposal from a guy and get your finger decorated with a ring. You need to know where the journey will end between you and him. Proposal is not an automatic ticket to marriage and being banded with proposal ring might not necessarily be the start of a journey to the wedding altar.

There are certain assurances a lady must arm herself with, before she can confidently say yes to a proposal and stretch her finger to be ringed by the emblem of engagement. This is important in order to avoid telling a touching story in the long run.

1. The first assurance in this wise, is the readiness of the guy to get married at the same time you are ready. One thing is for you to be ready at that moment, another thing is for him to tell you it can’t be that time.

What this means is that two of you need to have a definite agreement on when you will both be ready for the lifetime journey. This will prevent either of you from piling up pressure on each other and at the same time, help you to withstand external pressure.

External pressure in the sense that people who are agitated to know when you will be getting married after seeing you with a proposal ring can be easily kept at bay.

2. Another assurance a lady needs to get from her man is the acceptability of his parents. By now, you must have met his parents, his siblings and some of his extended family members as the case may be.

How his parents and family members respond to you is very important. There are some parents who are very instrumental to their son’s choice of partner. They virtually decide for him on the kind of woman to marry. Your man must assure you of his parents’ support in your union before you can confidently accept his proposal.

3. The third thing is marriage philosophy. What is his believe about marriage? Is he going to follow the pattern of his parents or chart a new marital course for himself. There are some families that have a laid down pattern of running a home.

If you date a guy whose parents share bills and expenses in the house, there is tendency he follows his parents’ footsteps. Don’t get it twisted, it is not a wrong thing for a woman to shoulder financial responsibility in marriage but it must not be by compulsion.

It must come from a willing heart. This is what you need to find out before plunging neck-deep into the proposal.

4. Another assurance you need to get from him is compatibility. This is not a matter of question and answer. It is something you find out through your days or months of being in relationship with each other.

If you are the type who argues on virtually everything and hardly find a common ground on issues, something should tell you that you are not compatible for each other. If you accept a proposal from him, you will simply dribble yourself to a damning corner.

5. Finally, you must have an agreement on how to run your marriage and number of children to have. You must settle on the kind of future he is envisaging for both of you. Will he still allow you to work and build your career or he will simply make you a full time housewife?

These are things you need to settle on before thinking of accepting a marriage proposal from him.

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