Less Than 5 Minutes From Ibadan, Our Train Has Grinded To A Halt- Train Passenger Laments From The Forest

Some passengers who boarded the Lagos- Ibadan train are currently lamenting their fate after the train they boarded reportedly broke down in the middle of the forest just a few meters before getting to Moniya in Ibadan.

According to a tweet by one of the affected passengers named Yinka Seth, it was the second time the locomotive would be developing a fault since they embarked on the journey.

The tweeter user noted that some steel parts of the train were said to have been removed by hoodlums.

His first tweet was posted around 8:12am while he made the second tweet exactly 8:31. He claimed that the train broke down at those two times he made the tweet.

It reads: “We are less than 5mins from Moniya in Ibadan and the train has grinded to a halt. Judging by the time stamp of the videos I made, we’ve stopped for 10mins without an explanation.

“At 8:29am, we spotted someone holding a stick. Appeared to either be on a video call or making videos of the halted train. Passengers are tense and it is becoming harder to sit still.”

The passenger also confirmed to Punch Correspondent that a similar things had happened on Sunday when train passengers were stranded following the break down of the locomotive.

He said, “I do not believe a team was sent; that may be due to the fact that my observation only focused on my vantage point. However, I did see two armed police officers on board who were active when the train stopped.”

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