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How wife of Lagos State Chief of Staff allegedly committed suicide

Unconfirmed details have emerged how wife of Lagos State Chief of Staff, Adedoyin Ayinde allegedly committed suicide.

Family had released a statement of her death on Sunday without detailing the real cause.

It was previously reported that Mrs. Ayinde died early Sunday in Lagos some hours after returning from the United Kingdom where she delivered her second child a few months ago.

However, popular gossip portal, Gist Lover has now claimed that she died from suicidal actions.

The blog claimed that the Lagos state chief of staff was romantically involved with his secretary, Alaba Ayoku; an act that emotionally affected Adedoyin till she committed suicide by taking sniper following her return to Lagos from the UK over the weekend.

“Tayo Ayinde has been dating his secretary, Alaba Ayoku for a while now. Tayo Ayinde’s Housewife is princes Doyin Ayinde, she is one of the ojora family princesses, Tayo uses Alaba Ayoku’s account to Launder Lagos state money, and the evil they are both doing with the masses’ money binds them together, in no time, after the campaign, Sanwo Olu made the side chic, one of the Senior special adviser with the help of Tayo Ayinde.

“Long story short, the housewife sha got pregnant again and delivered some months back, before you know it side chic begin to pressure the oloriburuku Tayo Ayinde says she sef wan marry, that was how Tayo called his wife Doyin, say him don buy property for her for UK, say make she relocate go UK with for security because Nigeria is not safe again.

“Naso Doyin leave Nigeria ooo, before we open eyes close am, Alaba don take over. gist was getting to Doyin in the UK that Alaba Ayoku is the latest first lady of Tayo Ayinde, she didn’t believe it as Tayo already vowed to leave Alaba the first time she caught them, so she needed to see things for herself, fiam she enters next flight and landed in Lagos unannounced.

“She got to their matrimonial home and was denied entrance, it was said that Alaba was around and Tayo instructed them not to allow her in since she didn’t announce her coming, She then left out of anger and head directly to her friend’s house in Magodo, Nike by Name, when she got there she explained all.

“She explained all to her friend and she told her to calm down, not long after she told her friend she need to take hot tea, the friend hurried to get it for her in the kitchen, afterward, she told the friend she needs to relax that Nike( her friend) should excuse her.

“So Nike left her in the room, unknowingly to Nike Doyn already got a snipper on her way to Magodo and it was kept in her bag, after Nike left the room, Doyin mixed sniper with the tea Nike brought and drank it, she then started having a serious stomach ache.

“She took her phone and called her family, explaining all that happened to them and how she took sniper, there is even a recording but the family is refusing to release the recording, long story short a call was put through Nike to check her friend Doyin, on getting to her room she was almost gone, the family also met them at Magodo and they all rushed her to the hospital but she lost it.” Gist lover claimed.

Mrs Ayinde, who was from the Oniru royal family, was the niece of the boardroom guru Adekunle Ojora. She was aged 36.

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