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Ex- President Jonathan Takes His Stance On APC Muslim -Muslim Ticket, Here Is What He Said

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has revealed his position on the decision of the ruling All Progressive Congress to field same -faith ticket for the 2023 general election.

According to Jonathan, the decision if sailed through, would eventually result in breakdown in the representation of Nigeria’s religious plurality.

This was stated by Jonathan in an interview that was included in the book “My Time As Chaplain In Aso Rock,” which was released to the public on Tuesday, December 6, according to The Punch.

When Jonathan was in office, it was customary for the vice president to be a Muslim if the president was a Christian, and vice versa.

He said :

“When I took over as the vice president, the tradition then was that if the President were a Christian, the Vice would be a Muslim and vice versa.

“We have religious festivals in Nigeria and, of course, National Day, where there will be Jummah prayers and Christian prayers. “Nigerians are religious people, this is why I get worried about the issues of Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket. Yes, Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian can run the state. But I always ask, ‘who will represent this other bloc whenever we come to the national days that we celebrate?”

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