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Northern Elder Forum Names 3 Qualities To Consider Before Voting For Next Nigerian President 

Whoever emerges the next president of Nigeria may not likely have it rossy in the office considering the mirage of problems confronting the country at the moment.

This was the position of the Northern Elder Forum, a Frontline social-political group that is shaping the minds and views of the Northern people.

Speaking on behalf of the group on the Tuesday edition of Channels TV Politics Today, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, spokesman of the association stated that Nigerians need to look beyond mere promises of presidential candidates during their campaign rally.

According to him, there are three basic qualities Nigerians must consider before setting out to vote for their choiced candidates on February 25.

One of the three qualities identified by Baba-Ahmed is Capacity and Character. He revealed that what Nigeria needs to drive the economy forward at this point is a leader with character and capacity. Someone with a sterling track record.

The second quality is honesty and integrity. The NEF spokesperson stated that Nigerians need a man whose yes will be yes, and no will be no. Someone who says things as it is without minding whose ox is gored.

Thirdly, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed said Nigerians need a president who will understand them. Someone who understands their languages and what they are going though.

These are three qualities he believes next Nigeria president should posses to get the country working.

He stated this on Channels TV Politics Today on Tuesday.

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