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How Reuben Abati Tried To Correct Rufai Oseni On Live TV Over Tinubu’s Real Age 

President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s birthday sparked a mild drama between the two presenters of Arise TV Morning Show on Wednesday.

In their usual job routine, the two presenters, Reuben Abati and Rufai Oseni while analysing the news headlines for the day took time to discuss the birthday of the former Lagos Governor.

While wishing him a happy birthday, Rufai said happy birthday to him. He says he is 71 years old today.

Immediately, Reuben Abati interjected him asked sternly, “he says he is 71?, No. His document shows he was born on March 29 1952.”

Without further argument, Rufai agreed to the correction and said happy birthday to him.

He said: “Happy birthday to him, his document said he was born on March 29th 1952.”

Every March 29 is the birthday celebration of the president-elect. For many years, he had been organizing birthday colloquium at the Eko Hotel and Suite.

However, Tinubu has shifted his annual birthday focus from the usual intellectual and political discourse to a special prayer for him and the nation this year.

He gave the instruction on Tuesday in a statement issued by his Media Assistant, Tunde Rahman as published by RovingNaija news website.

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