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Femi Adesina Explains How Buhari Is Leaving Nigeria Far Better Than He Met It In 2015

Femi Adesina, Special Assistant to president Muhammadu Buhari on Media has revealed that the president is leaving Nigeria in a better state than he met it in 2015.

Adesina gave this revelation while featuring on Monday edition of Channels TV Politics Today where he answered questions on the achievement of the outgoing government in the last eight years.

Asked whether Buhari has delivered on his promises to Nigerians after spending eight years in office, Adesina responded that the president will be remembered for putting Nigeria on the right part in all fronts.

According to him, before Buhari was inaugurated in 2015, about 17 local governments in the North East were under the control of Boko Haram.

He said even the Federal Capital Territory was a dreadful place to live. It got to a point that Eagle Square could not be used for political activities and the then  ruling party had to be making use of presidential Villa for fear of being bombed by Boko Haram.

He also noted that about 300 Chibok girls were kidnapped before Buhari came into government and not a single one of the girls was released till the end of the previous administration.

But when Buhari came to power, he recovered all the local governments under the grip of Boko Haram. Today, residents of those areas once captured by terrorists are living comfortably in their domains and can go to their farmland as usual.

He said Boko Haram has become a things of the past in the North East. He also revealed that many of the kidnapped Chibok girls have been rescued and the remaining ones in captivity are less than 100.

Femi Adesina also mentioned some economic impact of this administration that is worthy of appreciation.

Chief among this according to the presidential spokesperson, is the planned and sustained transition of the country from a mono product economy to a multi-product economy.

He said today, oil contributes less than 10% to the nation’s GDP with massive contributions from ICT, Agriculture and other sectors of the economy. This he said was not the case in the past when the nation depended solely on the oil sector for sustenance to the extent that the fortunes of the country was susceptible to fluctuations in global oil prices.

He said though the critics will always have something to say but looking at what this government has done so far, Buhari is leaving Nigeria far better than he met it.

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