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EXCLUSIVE: Community Residents Raise Alarm Over A Newly Built Mansion Where Blood Flows Daily 

Residents of Ajuwon area of Ogun State have not been sleeping with their two eyes close since a newly built mansion located at the heart of the area was completed around December last year (2022).

The mansion specifically cited along Oredola Street, Kayode plaza, Ajuwon is one edifice that will always command a second look by whoever is privileged to pass through the street. Aside being completed with state-of-the-art facilities, its outward appearance is a testament to the affluence, taste and class of its owner.

However, recent revelation about the house could be likened to the story of a beautiful sepulchre with a disgusting sight underneath. Residents of the area have been forced to ask questions over some activities that are going on inside the building.

While the construction was ongoing last year, many people had thought that the building was going to be used as a branch of one of the new generation banks. This was due to its structure and architectural outlook.

But at the completion stage, it was confirmed that it’s going to be a private residence.

Few days after it was occupied, people began to notice strange activities inside the building.

According to one of the neighbours who spoke to RovingNaija correspondent on the condition of anonymity, there is no day that blood of animals will not be shed. 

“Hardly will there be a day that either a cow or ram will not be slaughtered in the house. What made it more suspicious is the fact that when they kill anything, they allow the blood to flow to the main road in a way that will make it difficult for whoever passes the front of the house to dodge the blood without stepping on it or jump over it.” The neighbor said.

Another residents, an Okada Rider who simply identified himself as Bayo disclosed that everything about the house and its residents is strange.

“I can confirm to you that since people started living in the house, everyday has been celebration inside the compound. They did the house warming when they moved in but what they are celebrating thereafter is what nobody knows. Initially, they will be sharing food to neighbours and whoever come close to the house. But later, people stopped collecting food from them after suspecting there is more to what they are doing.”

“As big as the house is, it is only the landlord and his extended family members that are residing there. No tenant.” Said Bayo.

An In-depth investigation by RovingNaija Reporter shows that the house owner is a Forwarding and Clearing Agent at Apapa Wharf. However, no resident of the area has ever seen him going out of the compound like the regular businessmen. He is said to be always indoor.

Activities in the compound have made people to be suspicious of the house owner of being a ritualist.

Landlords and community have proposed to hold a meeting with the house owner and warn him to desist from spilling blood across the road irrespective of whatever his reason might be.

Failure to heed to the warning according to the landlords will force them to report the matter at the Ajuwon Police Division.

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