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Don’t Pay For My T-Fare When I Go On A Date With You – Popular Skit Maker, Mummy Wa Tells Men

A popular skit maker and actress, Kemi Ikuseedun, fondly known as Mummy wa, the fictional wife of social media character, Mr Macaroni, has said that she cannot love two men at the same time.

Asked if it was possible to love more than one person at once, she told Saturday Beats, “If it’s a friendship thing, it is possible. But, if it is romantic, I don’t think it is possible. One will definitely love one more than the other. I cannot love two people at the same time. If I love one person romantically, my mind will always be with that person. I will always think about that person. It will be very hard for me to think of someone else.”

Ikuseedun also stated that men should not pay for the transport fare of a date. She said, “I don’t think men should pay for a date’s transport fare. It does not make sense to me. However, there are some men who might not want to stress the girl. But, that is just them trying to be gentlemen, or perhaps they feel the lady does not have enough money, and they want to help out. The lady might be stranded, and in such cases, the guy can offer to pay for her fare. As for me though, I don’t think I can allow a guy pay for my transport fare on a date.

The skit maker also stated that she was already looking beyond life as ‘mummy wa’. “This is the fourth year (of playing the role), and I always feel like one day, I might not be ‘mummy wa’ again. So, I am always racking my brain on other things to do” she said.

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