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“Those Attributing My Roles In Movies To My Personal Life Are Wrong, Nollywood Is Not Yoruba Creation” – K.O.K In Exclusive Interview

By Orji Onyekwere
Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo Modestus Onyekwere, popularly known as K.O.K has lashed out at those that get involved in all sorts of diabolical and ritual activities, especially the youths just because they want to make quick money.

The actor in an exclusive interview with RovingNaijaReporters said that his role in movies where he was portrayed to be involved in rituals is just make believe, though it is also a reflection of what is happening in the society.

He noted that those who have been going to the social media to make comments and attributing his roles in the movies to his real life personality are just doing that out of ignorance as he hates anything evil not to talk of money ritual or any diabolical act.

He counselled that people should learn to take the message and leave the messenger.

“It’s not good and will never be good. I will never be part of it and have never been part of it. When you hear somebody call me night sacrifice, it was just the name somebody called me during Obi Cubana’s mothers burial.

“One thing about names is that immediately you start rejecting it, it sticks. Call me any name you like, but pay me my Cheque. If we listen to the message, we will change the society more. I am just a vessel.

“I don’t feel bad or distracted at all. There is drama, life and what I do for a living. It’s like when I die in a movie, does it mean I am dead in real life? Drama therefore is make believe, mirroring the society within the context of the stories that are told.

“For instance, you talk about the 2023 election marred with irregularities; if you want to showcase election rigging and irregularities in an election in a movie, you will have to recall what happened and write the story as it is.

“We have had a lot of rituals and ritual killings in Nigeria, the movies are just a reflection of what we hear and what we see. You hear of women going to hotels and their pants missing, what are those pants used for?

“You had the case of a man jumping out from his land cruiser jeep somewhere in Ikeja a couple of years ago and he went naked. What would you call that? You remember sometime last year, the story of a lady who lured her best friend to her house, conspired with her husband and they gave her rice to eat. After eating, she slept off and they dismembered her body. How would we dramatize this?” he asked.

“The actor berated Yoruba actress Aisha Lawal and those supporting her stand that the Yorubas own Nollywood. He said that people should go back to the history of Nollywood and do a thorough research before coming out to make such statements as it’s completely unfounded and false.

“K.O.K who was called to the Bar some months ago said it has always been his dream to be a lawyer and he feels fulfilled combining both his first love which is acting and law practice
‘’Being a lawyer has always been of interest to me and this has not stopped me from doing what I have been doing, rather it has afforded me the opportunity of marrying both together; that’s entertainment and law.

“What I have been doing on television for many years have been advocacy and what you also do as a lawyer is fighting and defending people. So both professions have come in handy for me.

“You may not see me in the court every day, but I have been making impact in building certain projects, marrying law and entertainment. One of them is what I have been doing for some time now which is what we call the Peoples’ Lawyer, it is a law clinic serving as an avenue to enlighten the people and give them voice concerning their rights.

“If their rights are bridged, you tell them what to do. I have been doing this for a long time and it’s already on YouTube. It comes in as part of what I wanted to do and I have a programme too that will give voice to the voiceless and serve as a societal buffer for enlightenment and advocacy. Advocacy is my special area. I am marrying entertainment and law for public good’’, he said.

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