Gov. Soludo Announces Free Education In Public Schools

By Rita Elenwo

The Governor of Anambra State Prof. Chukwuma Solido, has announced the commencement of free and qualitative education across all Government owned Nursery and Primary Schools, including government owned secondary schools covering Junior Secondary School Students (JSS 1 – 3).

According to the Governor, “this is not about tuition fees, but every other dues and levies running into thousands of Naira for Students per term. It is enshrined in our constitution that the State must provide free basic education where practicable.

“In Anambra, our greatest resource is our human capital. This is why our administration is taking intentional steps and making strategic investments into our public education.

“We have today declared that no Nursery, Primary or Junior Secondary School student must pay any fee, dues or levy going forward.
For our senior secondary school students (SS 1 – 3) who paid between 8,000 to 12,000 Naira tuition fee depending on the school, we have brought that down to 5,000 Naira for all with no other fee, levy or dues attached to it.

“This fee is to be collected by the schools for operational purposes, not to be remitted to the government.
We are committed to restoring the glory of our public schools as models of good education, returning education as the greatest opportunity equalizer for both the rich and the poor”.

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