Tension As Frustrated Passengers Disrupt Operation At Airport Over Flight Cancellation

The Muritala Muhammed Airport in Lagos was subjected to an early hour of tension on Monday as angry passengers ventilated their anger and protested against what they described as government’s insensitivity and irresponsibility.

The protest was occasioned by the cancellation of passengers fight to London which was initially scheduled for boarding.

 In a trending video on social media, a crowd of angry passengers were noticeably pacing around the airport galleries, disrupting the official operations and scattering the premises in response to the cancellation announcement.

According to the background voices in the video, Arik Airline was said to have been the latest operator that cancelled its flight to London.

Sources revealed that cancellation and delay of flight have been a regular occurrence at the MM2 recently as a result of Niger Republic’s closing of airspace from Nigeria to London.

Nigerian government was said to have been responsible for the development and its failure to nip it in the bud has continued to cost innocent passengers millions of naira, loss of business opportunities, termination of appointment and frustration.

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