Update: Give President Tinubu Some Time To Sort Things Out – Gen. Gowon

Former Nigerian Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has urged Nigerians to give President Bola Tinubu some time to resolve various issues in the country.

Speaking to state house correspondents after meeting with President Tinubu in Aso Rock on Wednesday, Gen. Gowon said it is too early for the President to achieve absolute results after eight months.

“I think the government is trying their best on the various problems of the country but with Nigerians, don’t worry, you can get criticized. People out there, they know better than what you know.

“I think Nigerians have to give the president time to get things really done. It is too early to sort of say absolute result will be achieved now, so that is my opinion,” Gowon said.

Gen Gowon said he also discussed recent events in the West African Bloc as one of the founding father of the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS).

“Luckily enough, this time he gave me an opportunity to see him to discuss various matters, especially the issue of the ECOWAS problem at the moment which I think needs to be resolved.

“And being the surviving member of the founding fathers, I think we have to discuss some of his plans in other to see what can be done to bring the matter under control.

“So, this is what has brought me here and we had an interesting discussion,” he said.

In his refusal to attend Ecowas press conference, the former Head of State also debunked reports in which he was giving the impression that he was the one trying to sabotage ECOWAS efforts.

He insisted that it was not the case, adding that there was a mix-up of communication somewhere but the President had told him what he was to do at that meeting. He said he would be at the ECOWAS headquarters later in the day to carry out some of the functions.

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Rita Elenwo

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