You Are Stuck With Tinubu’s Bad Policies For Next 4 Years – SDP Presidential Candidate Tells Nigerians

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, (SDP) in the last election, Adewole Adebayo has told Nigerians to forget any hope of a better Nigeria under this current administration.

The politician who made the statement while on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics to comment on present economic hardship, said the country is stuck with President Bola Tinubu’s bad policies for the next four years.

While responding to a question about what he would have done differently if he had won the presidential election, he said he wouldn’t remove the petrol subsidy from day one as President.

Adebayo said he would have approached the National Assembly to amend the 2023 Appropriation Act to allow subsidy for a while.

Speaking about Tinubu’s policies, he said: “These policies are not good, not because of the party that is announcing them but because they are not suitable to us.”

He also said the gains of the policies were lesser than the pains, noting that the Tinubu government should be “less arrogant” to do the right thing to provide succour for suffering Nigerians.

Nigeria is battling rising inflation, forex crisis and economic hardship occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidies and forex reforms.

“People need to understand that you voted for these policies, it’s like the children of Israel who said ‘Moses, lead us out of Egypt’ and when they got to the wilderness they realised it is not a very easy place to be and they started complaining.

“The people of Nigeria voted for these policies, they are not nice policies but until the next election, you are stuck with these policies,” he said.

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