Hardship: K1 De Ultimate Cancels Birthday Celebration 

Nigeria’s Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, also known as K1 De Ultimate, has announced that he will not be holding the annual birthday carnival to mark his 67th birthday. 

K1 De Ultimate took to his instagram account on Thursday, February  29, to announce this.

He said “This is a special public announcement. To the glory of God Almighty, I shall be turning 67 years on this planet earth on 3rd of March 2024.

“A joyous day for me, that many of my friends and associates across the globe usually join me and my family to http://celebrate.My fans home and abroad always make the best out of that day in History.

“Now that the day is near , but inside of me there is nothing much happening in our country Nigeria to warrant me celebrating at this point in time.

“Many people are praying for survival at this point, to feed well is a big issue for many, and as someone that benefits from many of these people crying and lamenting, I share in their pains and see no reason I should be celebrating.

“Yes I agree that what our country is passing through now is not permanent and the Government is trying in a possible way to get things fixed and I believe God Almighty shall open ways and better direction for the leadership of our dear country.

“I hereby implore and request all my loved ones, instead of coming to celebrate, eat and drink at this time.

“Pls choose this my coming birthday celebration to help someone closer to you, to at least secure a better living at this critical period of our nation’s travail  to share however small the gift to people.

“God Almighty shall replenish your pockets in multiple folds as you choose to get along with me on this.

“I thank you immensely and I shall live to appreciate you all so very much till my last day on this planet earth.Olasunkanmi Ayinde Adesanya Marshal M.O.N (K1 De Ultimate).”

Source: Instagram | k1deultimate

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