Akintoye Tasks Govt To Declare Mrs Onitiri-Abiola Wanted For Invading Oyo Govt Secretariat 

The Yoruba Nation self-determination organisation has denied any involvement in the invasion of the Oyo State Government Secretariat in Ibadan on Saturday.

A statement by the group’s leader, Emeritus Prof. Adebanji Akintoye (GCYL), said that the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, a group under Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola, which claimed responsibility for the attack, has no connection with the Yoruba Nation organisation in any way.

Akintoye urged the Nigerian Government and Oyo State Government to declare Mrs. Onitiri-Abiola wanted, adding that if not for any charges, she should explain the motive behind the invasion.

The statement partly read: “At about the time of the morning on Saturday 13th of April, 2024. It was the Muslim weekend Holiday. We received a report that a group of armed Men had stormed the Oyo State Government Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State.

“Upon the receipt of the report, the Nigerian security troops immediately mobilized to the scene and cordoned off the secretariat.

“We later understood who these armed men were after Nigerian security engaged them, they were observed to be Dupe Onitiri-Abiola (The widow of the late M.K.O Abiola) agitator group in military camouflage and red berets, who invaded the secretariat in buses and bikes.

“The invader spelt out their name to be Democratic Republic Of The Yoruba, a group under Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola.”

It added, “We will like to make a clear expression here, that Yoruba Nation Movement has nothing to do with Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola and group.”

Giving the distinct differences between the two groups, Akintoye stated: “Their organization (Onitiri-Abiola) is different from our movement. We are Yoruba Nation Self-Determination Movement (YSDM), our Yoruba Nation is registered by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) under Prof. Adebanji Akintoye.

Their organisation is Democratic Republic of the Yoruba (DRY) under Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola.

“The administrative managements are different, the people in the Yoruba Nation are law-abiding, Yoruba people with polite orientation. But, the Democratic Republic People of Dupe Onitiri are arrogant and rude, aggressive and militarized.

“The official media platforms of communication are different. Yoruba Nation under Adebanji Akintoye uses the Yoruba World Media, streaming from the U.K. While Democratic Republic under Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola uses the Ijinle Marcus Media, streaming from Turkey.”

He said Nigerian media should not mistake his group for Onitiri-Abiola’s group, adding that “ignorance is not an excuse, a journalist must do his/her due diligence before reporting a story.”

The group, however, warned that any media organisation that links the Yoruba Nation to the act “will face the Court of Law for defamation, and if print media; will be charged for libel”.

“There is a big difference between Yoruba Nation organisation and the so-called Democratic Republic of the Yoruba organisation,” he added.

He said, “While the incident was going on, Professor Adebanji Akintoye and Chief Dr. Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho Oosha) came on air to condemn and debunk support for the dastard act of invasion.

“In the evening Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola was on air to confirm and acclaim organiser (sic) of the invasion and the attack. She called them her (ADELE) in Yoruba translation: Her interim Government.

“We therefore ask the Nigerian Government – both state and federal to declare Mrs. Dupe Onitiri-Abiola wanted. If not for any charges, but to come and explain the reason for the invasion on a weekend holiday.

“We stand as Yoruba Nation, and our self-determination is an inalienable right to which the Nigerian Government is a signatory to same under the United Nations Charter.

“We are not terrorists, neither are we secessionists. Our right for self-determination shall not be undermined, not for any unwarranted assessment of any other Yoruba group that is alien to our movement.”

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