About Us

Rovingnaija.com is a research-driven information hub for credible, thought-provoking, and highly impactful news about Nigeria, its people and their passions. As a refreshing addition to the ever-growing media landscape, RovingNaija is driven by the overarching philosophy to ferret out news of any nature and flavour from the different regions of the country and distill same into easily consumable bytes for the reading delight of its readers, followers, and patrons. With Nigeria at the center of its journalistic odyssey, RovingNaija is on a mission to interrogate the concept of news and information dissemination with uncommon courage, simplicity in style, and sturdiness in delivery.

Powered by a crop of proudly Nigerian professional newshounds, RovingNaija shall daily serve up news items across the broad spectrum of politics/governance, business/economy, entertainment, sports, education, women, health, socials, security, legal/crime, investigation, and technology to meet the cognitive needs of its audience.


To become the go-to information hub for knowledge seekers, man/woman on the street, the business savvy, and politically inclined patrons and readers.


To consistently provide factual, reliable and engaging news, views and compelling narratives about Nigeria, its poeple and their passion.

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