Toyota Nigeria Unveils a new SUV to disrupt used and new SUV market

By Daniels Ekugo

Toyota Nigeria Limited, TNL, has unveiled the 2018 Toyota Rush model dubbed the country’s most versatile Sports Utility Vehicle, SUV, in a move expected to disrupt Nigeria’s used and new SUV market segment.

The 2018 model comes packed with an array of features such as all-terrain performance, ride comfort, interior comfort, safety, versatility and most importantly, ample space.

The New Toyota Rush

Speaking during the launch, Managing Director of TNL, Mr Kunle Ade-Ojo explained that customers had continually yearned for a vehicle that would bridge the gap between the upper class SUVs and our salon category. 

“Toyota Rush was created to provide an affordable, zero-mileage alternative to prospective SUV buyers who are looking for a vehicle with ideal all-terrain performance, ride comfort, interior comfort, safety, versatility and most importantly, ample space.

“We have studied the market and realised that prospective car owners in Nigeria are looking for a vehicle that performs well both in urban and off-road settings. Toyota Rush is an affordable full feature SUV that meets that aspiration at the fraction of the cost of importing a used SUV. With superior features both on and off-road, the all new Rush is sure to be appreciated by all customers,” said Ade-Ojo

At the unveiling of Toyota Rush in Nigeria

Priced at just 14 Million Naira, considering the value propositions, the all-new Toyota Rush takes the fight to the doorstep of the second-hand cars market as it is competitively priced.

“Basically for me the key thing is price, it is very affordable, it’s also roomy and has lots of space even for a large family since it is a seven-seater, it is fuel economical, very easy to maintain through our network and it has got all the on-road and off terrain features,” Mr Ade-Ojo said.

In his presentation, Marketing Manager, TNL, Bayo Olawoyin explained that the Rush SUV is made in Indonesia and was first introduced in 1997.

Available in Nigeria, according to the marketing manager are the 1.5 automatic mid-grade, 1.5 automatic high-grade and 1.5 automatic Leather high-grade.

The Rush boast of seven seats, safety and various security innovations.

The Toyota Rush is rear-wheel driven. The Rush comes with a 6-speaker, touchscreen audio system with USB and Bluetooth functionality, Android Auto Plus Show, Apple CarPlay and navigation, among others.


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