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law maker berates Local government over illegal toll

By Samuel Onyekwere

The Ajeromi/Ifelodun Constituency 1, Representative at the National
Assembly, Hon Kolawole Taiwo, has lashed out at the local government
authorities of Ajeromi /Ifelodun Local governments for collecting
money from trucks who have constituted nuisance on the roads in the

The lawmaker was miffed by the impetus of the truck drivers who park
their trucks indiscriminately on roads within  the area; a development that has led to accidents and loss of lives.

Speaking through the head of his media team, Hon Aloba, at the presentation of the Environmental and Health Laws by the fourth legislative arm of the Ifelodun Council, he observed that the action of the Local council authority is akin to legalizing illegitimacy.

These trailers, he added, have brought more suffering to the people
and the youths must be stopped from being used to collect tolls from
these truck drivers, as some of them have lost their lives in the

The law maker noted to RovingNaija.com that the peanuts collected by these boys will not
be enough to repair these roads built with millions of naira which
have been damaged by these trucks.  The heavy duty nature of these
trucks shortens the life span of these roads.

His words, “We cannot fold our arms and pretend as if all is well and
this is completely unacceptable and we strongly frown and condemn it
in totality. I was recently at Wilmer days ago at about the hour of
12.07am, for more than 30 minutes, I watched the activities of these
people. The trailer drivers drive recklessly not minding the
consequences. I therefore urge the legislative arms of both Ajeromi
and Ifelodun to work harmoniously in providing laws that will improve
our living standard.’’

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Olusegun Fayose

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