Obasanjo Tells Fish Farmers What Will Happen If They Sell A Kilo Of Fish Below 1,500 Naira

If you are a fish farmer in Nigeria, it will do you a lot of good to listen and follow the advice of former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

The former president is one the Nigerian business owners who are presently lamenting and sweating over the skyrocketed cost of Diesel that is currently dealing a terrible blow to businesses across the country.

While speaking to fish farmers during a southwest fish farmers’ congress on Tuesday at the presidential library (OOPL) in Ogun State, Obasanjo said the high diesel price may turn fish farmers into bankruptcy.

According to him, the current price of diesel is a far cry. At N800 per liter, it is not advisable for fish farmer to sell a Kilo of fish at 1,400 naira. Whoever tries it should be ready for bankruptcy.

The Ex- Nigerian president disclosed that he is already sweating and if things continue like they are in the country, there may possibly be an extinction of fish production in Nigeria.

He said based on his calculation, he can no longer produce a kilo of fish at less than N1,400. And if he decides to sell at that price, he cannot make a profit on it.

Based on this, farmers must not sell less than N1,500 if they want to remain in business.

He also revealed that if they don’t come together to discuss as farmers association nationally, then they may sink because of the situation but they will swim and survive it if they can come together.

The former president identified reason for the high cost of Diesel as poor management of the country. If those people at the helm of affairs manage the country well, things would not have been like this.

He however expressed fear that, fish production would soon be out of reach, and then people will be producing fish outside Nigeria and dump it here.

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