I Can’t Pray For My Enemy To Remain In The Forest- Freed Victim Of Train Attack Recounts Ordeal

Dr. Mustapha Imam, one of the victims of abducted passengers of Abuja-Kaduna Train has narrated what he went through in the Bandits forest after his release.

Mustapha, an associate professor of Medical Biochemistry was among the victims of the attack who were recently release by the Bandits.

Narrating his experience on Tuesday after he was set free alongside five other passengers, he said he would not pray for his enemy to be kidnapped by the Bandits.

According to him, the criminal gang are terrible in nature and very merciless.

Their activities are well planned out and they are very tactics in the way they carry out their attacks. If federal government does not deploy special tactics and strategy in the way they are fighting the terrorists, there may never be any fruitful result because the terrorists have a good masterplan.

He explained that he was their medical doctor who was treating them while in the forest. He would treat the Bandits when they are shot during their operation. He would also treat their captives in the forest when they are sick.

He recalled a scenario when one of the captives had a malaria and because there was no drug available, she slipped into coma.

Dr. Mustapha said he had to find a way of making sure the woman is save. The association professor however thanked God that he was able to return alive and finally reunite with his family.

He appealed to Nigerian government to do everything within its power to free the remaining passengers because being in that forest can be traumatic. No one will pray for his enemy to go there.

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